After months of creative collaboration and community involvement, Leatherstocking Collaborative Health Partners (LCHP) is excited to launch the #beyourlocalhero initiative.

The #beyourlocalhero initiative is designed to address regional recruitment and retention challenges by growing local talent, attracting quality talent to the region, and advancing the skills of local professionals.


Our Goals

#1 – Grow local talent

Through the initiative, local career seekers will become aware of high-need careers, be inspired to pursue a rural health career, and have access to local and regional exploration, education, and employment opportunities. 

#2 – develop local talent

Local health professionals will be highlighted as heroes providing care to their communities, gaining access to career development tools, resources, and tips to help advance their skills for internal career advancement. <

#3 – attract quality talent

Healthcare professionals outside the region will be exposed to the unique experiences and benefits of providing care in a rural community, as well as become aware of the beauty and quality of living in the region has to offer.

Our Approach

LCHP Career Platform

The LCHP Health Careers Platform is your online resource center for all things related to working in healthcare within this beautiful region.  

Integrated Outreach Campaigns

Blending digital media with local boots-on-the-ground programming and community partnerships, a series of authentic, inspiring, informative, and engaging initiative-driven messages will be shared. 

High Need Career Pathways

Career pathways provide a unique interactive way for you to identify local opportunities to explore, experience, practice, study, and work in a specific health career.  

Target Outcomes

Visitors to the LCHP Career Platform in 6 months

#beyourlocalhero impressions to boost in visibility during the campaign period

User accounts in 6 months

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